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Apartment Features

Eastview Apartment consists of thirty-two 2-bedroom fully-furnished apartments. Click on the image to see amenities.

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Floor Plan

All of the two-bedroom apartments have essentially the same floor plan.  There are some variations for accessibility and balconies, but all have the same amenities.


Interior Photographs


Click on the photograph for a series on interior photographs that are typical for each apartment.

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Internet and Networking

Eastview Apartment has a 1-gigabit fiber backbone coming into the building and a commercial-grade wifi and networking system! Click on the image for more information.

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Site Features

Eastview Apartments has several features at the complex which make it stand out over the competition!

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Sample Lease

Eastview uses a simple lease that has stood the test of time.  We can meet and sign or we can use Adobe Electronic Signing via email for your convenience!

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$$$ Costs $$$

Click on the image for the rent structure and associated basic costs at Eastview Apartments.