Except for water, it is our opinion that having reliable and fast internet service is possibly the most important service being provided at the apartment complex.  Eastview Apartments was one of the first facilities to bring internet service to a campus apartment complex.  Over the years we have continually upgraded our facilities to ensure that our service is up to modern standards.


Eastview has recently installed a new gigabit fiber (1,000 mb/s) internet service and has upgraded the cabling throughout the building to accommodate this.  Although we had no complaints about the 150 mb/s service, we have upgraded our internet speed capacity to be 6 times faster than what we had before!

*As a point of reference, Netflix recommends for their highest-definition streaming feed an available network speed of 5 mb/s.  Eastview's speed is 200 times faster!


Eastview has offered wi-fi service across the entire building for several years.  We have made significant changes recently, however, to greatly improve the speed and reliability of our system.  Most apartment buildings offer a hard-wired internet connection and recommend that each tenant bring their own wireless router for wi-fi service.  What this does, however, is create so many different wireless channels within a building that they interfere with each other and can decrease your connection's speed and reliability.  Eastview has a building-specific wireless access point layout that is designed to avoid this situation.  Each access point has been carefully placed and programmed for maximum coverage and minimum interference.

Eastview Apartments also provides a dual-channel arrangement for maximum speed.  Most modern wireless devices operate fastest on a 5 ghz bandwidth.  We have a separate login for this fastest channel as well as a login for the 2.4 ghz bandwidth.  The 5 ghz channel has much less interference than 2.4 ghz because most electrical devices such as microwaves, bluetooth, etc., do not use it.  These other devices use the 2.4 ghz bandwidth and can interfere with wireless internet service.

Because Eastview uses the same wireless network across the entire building, each tenant can visit any part of the building, including the outside recreation areas, and be logged onto the wireless network.  Tenants can also use the wireless network easily to utilize today's networked printers and other peripheral/smart devices.